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  • Dommin Offers Free Download of Desire, posts video

    Dommin has offered the song Desire as a free download through PledgeMusic.  Click here to get your free MP3! In addition, Dommin reposted the Kate Upton Guess Lingerie Ad with the lyrics to Desire over the top of it.

  • Dommin launches PledgeMusic Pre-Order Campaign and Unveils Album Cover

    Dommin has officially launched the PledgeMusic campaign for the new album ‘Beautiful Crutch.’  Be sure to head over to www.PledgeMusic.Com/Dommin to get access to exclusive updates, music, merch, instruments and a host of other very special items. In the band’s posts, they have also revealed the artwork for the new album.

  • The RARE album is now publicly available!

    Originally a special item as part of the band’s PledgeMusic campaign for RISE in 2015, RARE has now been made available to the general public as an abridge 10 song version of previously unreleased songs, alternate version and acoustic versions of songs as well. You can now find RARE at all digital retailers for streaming […]

  • Dommin Premieres “Criminal” Music Video at AlteRock.Net

    Visit AlteRock.Net to watch the new music video for the song “Criminal” off of the extra-special release RARE. RARE was originally offered to those who participated in the band’s PledgeMusic campaign. The band has since made an abridged version of the album taking it from 14 to 10 tracks and is offering it to the […]

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