You can now send donations through PayPal in support of Kristofer Dommin.

Very soon, fans will be able to download the new song “Desire” for free.  However, many people have expressed the “desire” to contribute something to show their appreciation..  This is NOT the same thing as a Kickstarter to finish the 2nd Dommin album.  Since the band is still waiting on our former label to negotiation the terms and draft the contracts that will allow us to proceed, we can’t start that campaign just yet.

The donation option is simply a way to express your support for Kristofer Dommin as he continues to put together songs and videos and carries the torch for the “Music That Matters” and all that goes into writing, producing, posting and maintaining a place for the music to thrive.

If you wish to contribute, you can click the button below.

Any and all support is truly and deeply appreciated.

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