Cameron Morris












Your favorite songs from the new record? 
“Show Me” and “I Die”

Current top 5 favorite songs?
“Spinning in Daffodils” – Them Crooked Vultures
“Pop a Pill” – Korn
“Wish” –  Nine Inch Nails
“Old Souls” – Hans Zimmer
“Houdini” – Foster The People

Favorite drummers? 
Ray Luzier, Mike Mangini, Danny Carey, Tony Royster Jr., Thomas Lang, Vinnie Colauita, Dave Weckl, Dave Grohl, Jojo Mayer, Rob Carson, Josh Freese, and Dominic Howard.

What do you do outside of Dommin? 
I spend my time studying drums, teaching lessons, playing local gigs.  And occasionally, landscaping and construction projects.  I plan on offering drum lessons online as well

Place you want to go but have yet to visit?